La ricerca e la produzione scientifica sono la nostra principale attività.

I membri di MSRA hanno avuto l’opportunita’ di scrivere articoli scientifici che sono stati pubblicati in peer-reviewed journals.

Qui troverai l’indice di tutti i nostri lavori presenti in letteratura. Un giorno, potrebbe esserci anche il tuo.

Indice pubblicazioni:


Review Article
Brain research
Schermata 2022-04-15 alle 16.50.42
Giorgio Guido, Elisa Crivellaro, Giulia De Fortunato, Lorenzo Melloni

Recent studies have shown that stroke risk and outcomes are influenced by the microbiota composition and its strict relationship with the immune system. Age and sex are the main non-modifiable factors Read more…


Review Article
Annals of Medicine
Giorgio Guido, Guido Ausenda, Veronica Iascone, Emanuele Chisari

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common condition affecting human joints. Along with mechanical and genetic factors, low-grade inflammation is increasingly supported as a causal factor in the development of OA. Gut microbiota and intestinal permeability, via the disruption of tight junction competency, are proposed to explain a gut-joint axis through Read more...


Review Article
British Medical Bulletin
Schermata 2021-06-03 alle 22.11.30
Silvia Elli, Gabriele Schiaffini, Marina Macchi, Matteo Spezia, Emanuele Chisari, Nicola Maffulli

The aetiopathogenesis of tendinopathy is uncertain, but inflammation may play a role in the early phase of tendinopathy and in tendon healing response. We investigated the most up-to-date evidence about the association between obesity, high-fat diet and tendinopathy, focusing on the role of adipokines, inflammatory pathways and. Read more...


Review Article
Neurosurgical Review
Vittorio Oteri, Anna Martinelli, Elisa Crivellaro, Francesca Gigli

Preoperative anxiety is a common reaction exhibited by up to 80% of patients who are scheduled for surgical procedures and characterized by psychological and physical changes which may affect their perioperative period. Read more…


Review Article
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Marina Macchi, Laura Bambini, Simone Franceschini, Ioana Diana Alexa, Carlo Agostoni

Tobacco smoking is still a widespread habit in pregnant and breastfeeding women. While the role of these risk factors on neonatal outcomes has been deeply studied, their effect on human milk composition is still not completely clear. Read more…


Review Article
Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
Marina Macchi, Matteo Spezia, Silvia Elli, Gabriele Schiaffini, Emanuele Chisari

Background: Inflammation and mechanical demands play a role in the development of tendon conditions and the dysregulation of tendon healing. In patients with obesity, high levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and a high mechanical demand promote chronic low-grade inflammation. Read more…


Review Article
Medical Science Educator
Vittorio Oteri, Federica Occhipinti, Giorgia Gribaudo, Francesco Marastoni, Emanuele Chisari

Introduction Ultrasound (US) imaging has rapidly increased its application in almost every medical field. Many universities worldwide provide teaching of US for undergraduates in their curricula. Read more…